“Don’t know why they still call it Elftown; can’t say as I’ve ever seen an elf there.”

Elftown covers the northwestern corner of the inner city and takes its name from the one elf to live there some seventy years ago. The community consists of upscale and well-off entrepreneurs, merchants, bankers, lawyers, physicians, and other members of Hammerfast’s upper crust, and many folk elsewhere want to inhabit a small house on the edge of this fine quarter.

Buildings: With fine buildings of astonishing architecture, white-washed or painted in pastel colors, Elftown has some of the nicest homes and shops in the city. Even the smaller houses are sumptuous compared to those of pretty much anywhere else in the city, and all are accented by parks, lawns of green grass, statuary, and beds of exotic flowers and semimobile plants.

Streets: Aside from the broad Dwarf Road that winds though Elftown, most streets are large enough to accommodate two carriages side by side. The roads are covered in pale white stone and maintained by a legion of well-paid servants. Even the side streets are clean and lit with everburning torches contained in iron lanterns to chase away the shadows.

People: In spite of the name, few, if any, elves live in Elftown, though several eladrin are affiliated with the ambassador who takes residence here. Instead, wealthy humans and dwarves command this section of the city, though one can be sure to find a handful of dragonborn, a smattering of tieflings, and a few reckless halflings.

Sights: Observers can see black carriages pulled by teams of matching horses, patrols of uniformed guards, and fountains sending spray into the air, as well as servants painting houses, cleaning the streets, and avoiding attention.

Smells: One is likely to smell fine cooking, freshcut grass, the perfume of brilliant flowers, incense, and other pleasant aromas.

Sounds: Notes played on a harp, the singing of a lovely young woman (or a younger man), a haughty noble screaming at a servant, the whinny of horses, and the clink of gold are common sounds.


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