“Not much to do in the Boneyard aside from sicking up.”

Occupying the southeast corner of Hammerfast, Boneyard has every distasteful business and venture, including everything from the city’s slaughterhouses, renderers, tanners, dyers, and even the city’s graveyards.

Buildings: As an industrial corner of the city, most buildings are plain and functional, and they are constructed to serve the operation and little else.

Streets: The Boneyard features broad roads in good repair so wagons can easily navigate the district.

People: Humans are the largest group of people here and most are dirty, lacking in sophistication, and inured to the foul odors wafting up from the more toxic parts of the district.

Sights: Common sights include wagons laden with animal carcasses, workers trudging to their jobs, plumes of acrid smoke, and pipes leaking toxic fluids into the gutters. The Boneyard is as unpleasant to look at as it is to smell.

Smells: A pall of smoke stinking of urine and sulfur hangs over the Boneyard, turning the sun a pale shade of brown. Even though the locals do their best to keep the streets free of rubbish, the materials and industries produce ripe odors a shade better than death.

Sounds: One can hear the creaks of wagons, the spillage of liquids, crackling fire, the screams of animals at the slaughter, and the grunts of hard labor.


4th Edition Scales of War AZ skotothalamos