Tag: dead


  • Jen

    * Member of the Farstriders. * Has a half-human sister. * Adventured with Dana near Harken Village about six months before the campaign started. * Decapitated by orcs in the Nexus

  • Morrik

    A hobgoblin prisoner who was being held in Fallcrest for questioning and trial. Freed by our heroes through a prior arrangement with Lord Markelhay and the guards in exchange for information on the location of the hobgoblin base. * Killed by Wilik …

  • Kartenix

    Was assigned to the toll gate on the Five Arches Bridge in Fallcrest on the night of the hobgoblin attack on the town. He and his son were both captured by hobgoblins. Thurann survived, but Kartenix was sacrificed to a wight.