4th Edition Scales of War AZ

The Fall of the Red Hand

In which our heroes meet a new companion, face down an ogre who is not hitched to a cart, acquire some shiny toys, and then take on Sinruth and what remains of his army

After a brief rest, our heroes resumed their search of the Rivenroar crypts for signs of the missing hostages and items from Fallcrest. Heading through the unexplored door near the Shadowfell portal, they quickly came upon a room in which two dark-skinned gnomes were going through the possessions of a halfling. The halfling was imprisoned in a sort of makeshift cell, made from a portcullis and a convenient alcove in the wall.

Drella and Dana immediately moved to attack the gnomes, who the group had identified as Dark Ones, a sort of Shadow mirror of the more well-known Fey gnomes. Drella backstabbed one of them with her dagger and Dana landed an arrow into the other one. The dark gnomes responded by vanishing from sight. Once it was clear the gnomes were not returning, the group started interrogating the halfling in the cell, who introduced himself as Erich Wei├čeisen, an “instrument of the divine.” When challenged by Harann about just what he meant by that, Erich was less than forthcoming. Wilik went to investigate the open hallway at the end of the room while Harann and Erich shouted at one another. Drella had finally had enough of the arguing, and she let the halfling out to retrieve his scale armor, scimitar, and incredibly large shield (about the same height as Erich himself). Distracted by all this commotion, Wilik failed to notice the charging Ogre until it was on top of him.

The ogre shouted angrily about his dead brother (who was apparently killed by the group outside the Blue Moon) and the group laid into him with all their might. He filled up the entire hallway, keeping Drella from being able to attack him from behind. Erich and Wilik tried to draw the ogre into the room to give her a shot at its massive back, but it wasn’t moving. Then Erich had an idea: he issued a divine challenge to the ogre, took advantage of his size and dashed between the hulking brute’s legs. As it spun to follow him, its back was exposed and Drella was able to expertly plant her dagger into the beast, killing it.

The group moved into the ogre’s lair, where they found piles of old equipment in one corner of the room. In these piles, they found the ceremonial platinum sword in addition to several magic items: a vicious greataxe, a duelist’s dagger, and suit of exalted chainmail. Wilik liked the look of the dagger at first, but Drella found the axe and convinced him to swap. No one was interested in the chainmail except Harann, so the first treasure pile found by this adventuring group was divvied up fairly easily.

The room offered two exits: stairs down and a double door. Wilik and Erich listened at the doors and heard a goblin training a drake, while Dana noticed signs of activity down the stairs. Deciding they wanted nothing to do with trained drakes, the party headed down the stairs, where they were met by eight hobgoblins and two trained drakes, with the two dark gnomes backing them up.

Poyin, Dana, and Erich made short work of most of the hobgoblins, but a goblin spellcaster stepped out of a side room and cursed Erich and Poyin while the surviving hobgoblin ran out a different door. Poyin was blinded and Erich felt magical stingers rip through his body even as he ordered the goblin to stop attacking on pain of death. Divine energy channeled out of the holy symbol tattooed on his hand, but the goblin redirected it to one of the gnomes, causing it to suffer horribly in his place. Dana tried to shoot the caster, but her arrows were redirected into the other gnome and a nearby drake.

Wilik and Drella took down one drake while Dana and Erich took out the other, with Harann coordinating the effort. The goblin cast a spell which filled most of the room with a greenish fog as it ran back into the room it had come from. Dana was the first to chase the goblin into his room, which contained three sarcophagi and Sertanian chained to the wall. Afraid to shoot for fear of the arrows being redirected into the hostage, Dana blinded him with an Eyebite. The rest of the group followed in quickly after her and swiftly took down the caster before he could be much more of a threat.

Wilik broke Sertanian free of his chains, but before the group could do much talking, they heard a door being kicked open as someone bellowed, “Who dares?!” Harann and Drella rushed into position to face this new threat. Seeing a massive hobgoblin in plate armor and equipped with a spiked chain, Harann tactfully asked, “Who the fuck are you?” The hobgoblin responded with, “I am Sinruth of the Red Hand! Who the fuck are you?” Then he charged into battle, quickly wrapping up Drella in his chain, pulling her into the spikes of his armor, knocking her down, and then stomping on her with his boot. Before she could even react, Drella was out cold and Sinruth was scanning the room for his next victim.

The group charged in and an epic fight ensued. Dana managed to get a healing potion down Drella’s throat and get her back on her feet. The rest of the group closed in and surrounded the big hobgoblin. He merely grinned and whipped his great chain in a circle around himself, hitting most of the group. Dana fired away with her bow, Drella stabbed at weak points in the armor, Poyin Dekstor lit him on fire repeatedly, Erich slashed him an yelled tiny hateful challenges, and Wilik just kept chopping away with his big axe while Harann coordinated the effort. Sinruth fought tirelessly, but eventually went down to the group’s tenacity.

Worn out from their day of goblin killing, our heroes went into the chamber where they had found Sertanian, barricaded the door, and tried to get some sleep.



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