4th Edition Scales of War AZ

The Call to War

In which our heroes get paid and then get hooked into doing more work

Outline of this session: (feel free to add details)

  • Troyas arrives and pays the group. Wilik wants to keep his gauntlets. Troyas says Wilik can keep the gauntlets as long as the group is serving Fallcrest, such as by traveling to Hammerfast. The dwarves have called for aid against orc invasion, and Troyas says the Lord Warden is willing to send the group as the official Fallcrest delegation. The group agrees to go and Wilik gets to keep the gauntlets.
  • Harann wants to keep the platinum sword. It doesn’t belong to the town, but is on loan from the church of Bahamut. If she can secure permission from the church, she can keep the sword.
  • After the meeting, Drella checks up on her estranged family, the Azaers of House Azaer, a prominent trading company based in Fallcrest. She drops in on their general store in town and is berated by Amara Azaer, who implies tieflings are not welcome in the store. Varda, however, sees right through Amara’s glamour which is concealing her own horns. Drella checks out the back of the shop and finds some Lost Ones trying to extort “protection money” out of the house, but she does not interfere.
  • Harann goes to the House of the Sun to find out about the sword. She talks to the priest of Pelor there, Grundelmar, and he scoffs at the idea that she was so easily converted to Bahamut because of a dream. When she protests that there were undead to fight, he asks if she has considered the power of the sun against the undead.
  • Some of the group take their magic items to Nimozaran the Green, who moves enchantments around onto more appropriate types of equipment, for a price.
  • Troyas meets the group at dinner and says he will send word ahead to Hammerfast that they are coming. He asks what the group would like to be called, and after much discussion, they agree on calling themselves The Blue Moon Bastards.
  • Instead of taking a carriage, the group buys their own horses and gets on the Dwarf Road, heading for Hammerfast. The neglect the opportunity to stay the night in the Thunderspire, opting to camp out instead. The next day, as night was apporaching, Wilik wanted to stop at Fiveleague House for a drink, but was convinced by the rest of the group that the dwarves would have better beer, so the group continued on.
  • They encountered some of the Farstriders mopping up an orc attack on a carriage. Jen recognized Dana from their earlier excursion in the Harkenwold, and Jen introduced her companions, Reiner, Uulath, and a warforged named simply, “Warrior.” Seeing that Edgar Sommerfield was not with them, our heroes ask where they can find him. Jen says he’s back at the Pig and Bucket, where most of the adventurers are gathered.
  • The Bastards and Striders head back to the



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