4th Edition Scales of War AZ

Into the Crypts

In which our heroes do a lot of hiking, argue about which way to go, split up, find a secret entrance, do some killing, argue about which way to go, split up, and do some more killing.

After a brief flashback to the events at Kobold Hall, we rejoined our heroes in the woods south of Fallcrest, having just decapitated Morrik. He had told the party that the goblins and hobgoblins could be found in the crypts of Rivenroar. Without him to guide them, the party depended on Dana’s tracking skills to follow the goblinoid horde southward. She lost the trail once, but eventually the group was able to find their way to the Rivenroar estate, with a little help from Drella, whose family lives in the area.

A light rain started to fall toward the end of their journey, but the group soldiered on instead of allowing the rain to wash away the goblin tracks. It was also argued that more time would allow the goblins more time to sacrifice their captives. The group arrived at the Rivenroar estate at dawn, where they saw the main house atop a hill. Down the hill to their right was a graveyard, where the goblin tracks led.

Wilik argued that the hobgoblin commander would likely be in the house, while others argued that the goblins were probably all in the crypts. Wilik wanted to search the house before hitting the crypts, and so he headed in with Poyin Dekstor following behind. Drella and Alyse went in behind them, while Dana, Harann, and Varda waited outside.

The house was mostly empty, though it showed signs of having been used to quarter troops. Drella suggested checking the cellar, where they found a small tunnel (only about four feet high). Dana saw something close a door on a mausoleum in the graveyard before joining the rest of the group to go through the tunnel.

Our heroes followed the tight tunnel in single file for several hundred feet before emerging in a huge chamber filled with mushrooms of all shapes, colors, and sizes. Dana stopped the group short of some shrieker mushrooms which would have emitted a piercing scream if disturbed. Varda and Harann cooked the shriekers with a combination of water magic and lightning, but the light and sound of the lightning breath caught the attention of two Rage Drakes on the other side of the chamber.

As the group spread out into the chamber to fight the drakes, Harann and Varda both sustained serious injuries from the first charging drake. While fairly chaotic, the group managed to take out the first one fairly quickly. The second one seemed to be bearing down on Dana, but Wilik and Alyse stopped it and took it out quickly with some crippling attacks.

Upon investigating the mushroom chamber, the group found two sets of double doors leading out, and a pair of holes in the ceiling with a single rope dangling in the middle of each of them. Dana listened at both doors and heard nothing. Wilik climbed a rope.

Wilik climbed to a hallway about forty feet above the mushroom chamber, where he met two goblins with crossbows. After a short discussion between the goblins, they decided to start shooting at him. With no backup, Wilik nearly went down under the onslaught. With several crossbow bolts stuck in him, he managed to shove one of the goblins down into the mushroom chamber. The other one, seeing that the fight had turned, tried to leap across one of the pits, but he missed his jump and fell into the mushrooms as well. Badly hurt and with no one coming up the ropes, Wilik sat down to regain his composure.


While Wilik was doing this, the rest of the group (not as confident in their collective climbing skills) tried to find stairs to meet up with him. They opened one set of doors and found the set of stairs they were looking for. At the top of the stairs, they found another pair of doors. Opening them, they surprised a group of goblins who seemed to be expecting them to come from the other direction. In a whirlwind of attacks, they quickly slashed and burned and stabbed and shot and pounced their way through the goblins. Having not yet found Wilik, and realizing they hadn’t had a break since they started down the tunnel, the rest of our heroes also decided to take a break for a few minutes.



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