4th Edition Scales of War AZ

Attack on the Blue Moon

Wherein our heroes meet each other, imbibe some beverages, and then save the town (or at least their bar).

Some of our heroes met with Fallcrest city councilman Eoffram Troyas at the Blue Moon Alehouse. They also met each other for the first time. Wilik, Dana, Drella, and Varda listened as the councilman explained that the humanoids in the valley have been getting precocious and uppity of late. Specifically, he called out kobolds as the main culprits, though he said that goblins had been making raids as well. Eoffram claimed that the city guard are reluctant to take the fight to the humanoids, but that he was gathering adventurers to do the necessary task of hunting down the humanoids in their lairs and eliminating their threat to the town.

Troyas said the city would pay a bounty of 10 gold pieces per kobold head and 15 per goblin head. He explained that these would need to be brought to Moonstone Keep in order to receive payment. He then bought a couple of rounds of drinks for the four adventurers and tried to leave, only to be stopped by Wilik, who asked for more information about finding the kobolds’ base. Troyas mentioned an old manor in the Cloak Wood known these days as Kobold Hall. Wilik, having done some logging in the area, knew of the place and felt he could find it.

Troyas then left for the night, claiming he had other business to attend to, and our four heroes got down to the important business of drinking on the councilman’s tab. About a half hour after Troyas left, the bar was attacked by a group of goblins and hobgoblins who shouted “For the Red Hand!” as they kicked down the door, lit fires and stabbed tavern patrons.

Our heroes leapt into action, with Dana skewering the first hobgoblin through the door and Varda killing the next three with her Watery Burst spell before Wilik could reach the humanoids. Drella took a moment to put out the growing fire on the bar, only to be stabbed in the back by the next hobgoblin to come through the door. Wilik made quick work of it, but then Drella found herself pinned under an onslaught of goblins and hobgoblins rushing through the door. The townsfolk mostly panicked and ran, but one brave soul managed to fend off a hobgoblin with his chair long enough for Varda to kill it (and two others) with her Force Orb. The last goblin came in and set the alcohol behind the bar alight in massive explosion. This commotion caught the attention of Harann, who was in her room upstairs. She joined the group as the fight was winding down, and the last goblin ran out the door in a panic.

In the aftermath of the assault, Wilik began separating the goblinoid heads from their bodies in order to collect the bounty, while Drella ransacked their pockets. There were also two dead bar patrons and a severely burned bartender to be dealt with. Dana tried to track the fleeing goblin. She followed his tracks to the south before being distracted by a patrol of town guards rushing to the Blue Moon. Upon alerting her newfound companions to the imminent presence of the patrol, a loud discussion ensued as to whether the party should run from the guards or simply tell them what happened. While this argument continued, the guards arrived, sized up the situation, thanked the party for their help in defending the town, and then asked for their assistance in defending Hightown, where many fires could be seen.

The guards then ran off to the north, leaving the party to organize themselves and follow. As they got on the road heading north, however, Dana noticed fires down a side road. Just as the party decided to investigate this fire, a massive ogre came around the corner of a building, pulling a wagon behind it full of pitch casks. Two hobgoblin archers were riding on the wagon and shooting flaming arrows into houses. The group converged on it, with Harann and Wilik closing ground while Dana and Varda took up cover behind a shed and started attacking from range. The ogre threw a flaming pitch cask at the inn, but missed, only lighting some grass on fire. Drella took in this series of events, noted how much damage mere goblins had done to her, additionally noted her lack of a ranged weapon, and decided discretion was indeed the better part of valor. She ran back into the Blue Moon.

Wilik managed to stand face-to-gut with the hulking mass of ogre and he delivered some serious damage to it with a Brute Strike. The ogre returned the favor by bloodying the half-orc with a single swing of his greatclub. Harann let loose with a great gout of lightning breath, missing all three of the enemies and even the wagon full of pitch. Wilik traded blows with the ogre again, and seemed to be on the verge of losing the fight when Harann helped him pull together some reserve strength with a few inspiring words and helpful advice on where to strike the ogre.

Eventually, the beast fell and the party celebrated another victory, just as Drella returned to the street. After some more cleanup, the group did a quick sweep of the town to see if there were any more invaders that needed to be mopped up. They found out that the goblins had also tried to cross the Five Arch Bridge across the river on the north side of town, but were repelled by the guards. Some goblins had made it into Hightown, however, and broken into the Hall of Great Heroes, stealing some heirlooms from the Red Hand War.

Our heroes mulled over this information, decided that the night was long enough already, and returned to the Blue Moon for the night, intending to to some investigation, shopping, and collecting of bounties the next day. Upon returning to the Blue Moon, they were greeted as heroes and the proprietor, Par Winnomer, insisted they stay for free in the rooms upstairs.



Attack on the Blue Moon

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