4th Edition Scales of War AZ

The Story so Far
In which we skip ahead a bit and sum up

Tuesday, April 13th -– The day before the bulk of the group fully assembled, Dana and Varda were hired to investigate a kobold lair by Nimozaran the Green the Green, the High Septarch of Fallcrest (leader of a one-man wizards’ guild). He suspected the resurgence of kobold activity could be the result of a dragon’s ambition. The two of them met Poyin Dekstor along the way and they all slaughtered some kobolds (session report). Upon finding a black dragon in the Cloak Wood, they fled, but reported back to Nimozaran their findings. He recommended them to town councilman Eoffram Troyas for further work.

The Monastery of the Sundered Chain
In which some of our heroes make an initial strike against the oncoming orc horde.

Stuff will go here, too.

The Call to War
In which our heroes get paid and then get hooked into doing more work

Outline of this session: (feel free to add details)

The Lords of Rivenroar
(AKA "Kill Wighty")

The party awoke after their rest to find that the goblin bodies they had left in the chamber outside their resting room had been stripped of their weapons. Harann mentioned that she had heard some goblin voices and noises during her watch, but had not investigated any further. The group finally got around to looting Sinruth’s decapitated body. He was wearing the dragoncrest helm and filigreed gauntlets from the Hall of Great Heroes in Fallcrest. Wilik immediately took a liking to the seemingly magical gauntlets and took them for his own. Sertanian gave his blessing for this, on the assumption that they would be helpful to complete the mission, and on the condition that they be returned to the museum when the group returned to Fallcrest. But the most interesting thing the group found on Sinruth was a note:

The Fall of the Red Hand
In which our heroes meet a new companion, face down an ogre who is not hitched to a cart, acquire some shiny toys, and then take on Sinruth and what remains of his army

After a brief rest, our heroes resumed their search of the Rivenroar crypts for signs of the missing hostages and items from Fallcrest. Heading through the unexplored door near the Shadowfell portal, they quickly came upon a room in which two dark-skinned gnomes were going through the possessions of a halfling. The halfling was imprisoned in a sort of makeshift cell, made from a portcullis and a convenient alcove in the wall.

Drella and Dana immediately moved to attack the gnomes, who the group had identified as Dark Ones, a sort of Shadow mirror of the more well-known Fey gnomes. Drella backstabbed one of them with her dagger and Dana landed an arrow into the other one. The dark gnomes responded by vanishing from sight. Once it was clear the gnomes were not returning, the group started interrogating the halfling in the cell, who introduced himself as Erich Weißeisen, an “instrument of the divine.” When challenged by Harann about just what he meant by that, Erich was less than forthcoming. Wilik went to investigate the open hallway at the end of the room while Harann and Erich shouted at one another. Drella had finally had enough of the arguing, and she let the halfling out to retrieve his scale armor, scimitar, and incredibly large shield (about the same height as Erich himself). Distracted by all this commotion, Wilik failed to notice the charging Ogre until it was on top of him.

Playing with the Shadow Curtain
In which our heroes regroup, find a hostage and play with things that should maybe have been left alone.

After a brief rest, our heroes decided splitting up in the middle of a lair of hostile goblins and drakes was probably not such a good idea. The group that had gone up the stairs did a quick search of the room they had conquered and found that one of the three sets of double doors exiting the room led outside.

About this same time, Wilik, having recovered from his fight with the two goblins in the hallway above the mushroom chamber, decided to descend back down the rope he had climbed to search for his companions. The group then tried the other set of doors in the mushroom chamber, where they found an angry witch inside a magic circle yelling insults and threats at them. After a few tense moments, the party realized she was being held captive in the circle and she realized they were here to rescue her. Varda was able to manipulate the energy of the circle to allow Zerriksa to escape.

Into the Crypts
In which our heroes do a lot of hiking, argue about which way to go, split up, find a secret entrance, do some killing, argue about which way to go, split up, and do some more killing.

After a brief flashback to the events at Kobold Hall, we rejoined our heroes in the woods south of Fallcrest, having just decapitated Morrik. He had told the party that the goblins and hobgoblins could be found in the crypts of Rivenroar. Without him to guide them, the party depended on Dana’s tracking skills to follow the goblinoid horde southward. She lost the trail once, but eventually the group was able to find their way to the Rivenroar estate, with a little help from Drella, whose family lives in the area.

Into the Depths of Kobold Hall
In which a few of our heroes enjoy a prequel before we return to our regularly-scheduled continuity.

The day before the Attack on the Blue Moon, Varda came to Fallcrest to check on her old friend in the city’s mage guild, the Septarchs. She went to the Septarch’s Tower but was much dismayed to find that there was only one middle-aged human named Nimozaran and his ridiculous halfling apprentice where once there has been a mighty organization of wizards. Nimozaran explained that the wizards had been wiped out during the Red Hand War and only he, an apprentice at the time, had survived. Nimozaran had proclaimed himself High Septarch of Fallcrest and he was now in charge of the guild. Unfortunately, he had only attracted one student so far: his somewhat incompetent halfling apprentice Bobolar Quickfoot.

Nimozaran was doing some business with Dana at the time, who was selling him a meager amount of magical dust. Seeing an opportunity, Nimozaran asked the women if they would be interested in doing some contract work for him. A group of nearby kobolds had been making organized raids on the town, and Nimozaran suspected that there must be something more powerful than kobolds behind the attacks. He hired Varda and Dana to check out Kobold Hall for signs of this kobold puppetmaster.

"Sorry About the (blank). Orcs are Unpredictable."
In which our heroes stomp around town and mostly talk to people.

The day after the attack on the Blue Moon Alehouse, some of our heroes awoke bright and early and headed out to check out the town. Wilik, Drella, and Dana had some breakfast on the house at the Blue Moon Alehouse. Wilik took his dog, Sandwich, out for a walk and they noticed the Ogre from last night’s raid still lying in the street. The rest of the mess from the attack had been cleaned up, however. Dana and Drella quickly caught up, as Wilik still had the hefty bag o’ goblin heads over his shoulder, and that bag was the ticket to some bounty money.

Attack on the Blue Moon
Wherein our heroes meet each other, imbibe some beverages, and then save the town (or at least their bar).

Some of our heroes met with Fallcrest city councilman Eoffram Troyas at the Blue Moon Alehouse. They also met each other for the first time. Wilik, Dana, Drella, and Varda listened as the councilman explained that the humanoids in the valley have been getting precocious and uppity of late. Specifically, he called out kobolds as the main culprits, though he said that goblins had been making raids as well. Eoffram claimed that the city guard are reluctant to take the fight to the humanoids, but that he was gathering adventurers to do the necessary task of hunting down the humanoids in their lairs and eliminating their threat to the town.

Troyas said the city would pay a bounty of 10 gold pieces per kobold head and 15 per goblin head. He explained that these would need to be brought to Moonstone Keep in order to receive payment. He then bought a couple of rounds of drinks for the four adventurers and tried to leave, only to be stopped by Wilik, who asked for more information about finding the kobolds’ base. Troyas mentioned an old manor in the Cloak Wood known these days as Kobold Hall. Wilik, having done some logging in the area, knew of the place and felt he could find it.

Troyas then left for the night, claiming he had other business to attend to, and our four heroes got down to the important business of drinking on the councilman’s tab. About a half hour after Troyas left, the bar was attacked by a group of goblins and hobgoblins who shouted “For the Red Hand!” as they kicked down the door, lit fires and stabbed tavern patrons.


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